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  • Consumer Psychology for Marketing

    Consumer Psychology for Marketing

    A couple of years ago, Gordon Foxall asked me to write a chapter on postmodernism for his textbook Consumer Psychology for Marketing (co-authored with Ron Goldsmith). Gordon has been very supportive to me in the past - Postmodern Marketing, for example, is part of his Consumer Research and Policy Series - so naturally I was happy to do the needful. Much to my surprise, Gordon then insisted on including me as a co-author, even though I only contributed a single chapter. Actually, I feel a bit guilty about the whole episode, since my chapter is a bit subversive and it spoils an otherwise excellent textbook. For a while, I considered it my postmodern duty to subvert every book I was asked to contribute to - Barbara Stern's, Morris Holbrook's, Michael Baker's etc. - but I now realize that I was just showing off for the sake of showing off. Sorry folks.

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  • Two Continents, One Culture: The Scotch-Irish in Southern Appalachia

    Two Continents, One Culture: The Scotch-Irish in Southern Appalachia

    You’ll never believe this, brothers and sisters, but my long-term Scots-Irish project has finally come to fruition. As previous readers of the Big Plans section will know, Beth Hirschman, Pauline Maclaran and I have been working on a putative research project for some years now. The first part of the project – my part – was published back in 2000. However, Beth’s side of the study has been spinning its wheels for quite a while. But, boy, has she made up for lost time! A co-authored book, Two Continents, One Culture, has just been published by Overmountain Press. It looks absolutely incredible. The photos have turned out especially well. Hats off to Hirschman, I say! Beth’s the business!!

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